Hi. I’m Jerusha. A Sydney-based birth and postnatal doula and birth and family photographer. (I’m also an actor, but we can chat about that another time). Sounds like a lot? Yeah, I know. Sometimes it feels like a lot, but mostly it works together like an intricate web, connected and seamless. Relationships are my passion. I support, and document, relationships.

The relationship between a mother and her child, a pregnant woman and her partner, a toddler and their new baby sibling and everything in between. I became a doula in 2006. Childbirth was something I had always been drawn to-I grew up surrounded by healthy attitudes towards birth, so I entered the birthing space with an open heart.

From the first birth I attended, I have always picked up a camera to capture the transition from woman into mother, and a babe on its journey earth-side, such is my fascination and awe of this sacred event. The emotion, the strength, the vulnerability, the purity. Thus, to support, and document. To hold up a mirror to you and show you how strong you are, how delicious your family is, how the fleeting moments are as magical as the big ones.

Me. What do I love?

  • I love the first light of the day- an early walk or swim and coffee at the beach equals my morning perfection. Lucky for me, I get to do this often.
  • I love long lunches with friends on our balcony… especially when they last well past sun down.
  • I love a sunshiny wander through the streets of a cute town with my lover. Especially ones with yummy shops.
  • I love evenings at my mum and dad’s dinner table, fuelled by too much good food and red wine. Heaven.
  • I love trips back to London into the bosom of our hilarious friends; having loved ones on either side of the globe is both a heartache and a treat.

Oh, and if you are wondering about my name, it’s pronounced just as it reads. It’s Hebrew- no heritage connection- my parents just loved it. Found it in a Julie Andrews film called Hawaii.

My brother’s named Asko, but that’s another story…